About us

Mike has spent over a year in intensive monastic retreats accumulated over a 25-year period, meditating for over 10 hours a day for up to six weeks at a time.
The first concept was for a meditation bench designed to fold completely flat, highly practical in a monastic setting. After creating a 3D model of the bench and simple prototypes, he found help from Wolf. Mike and Wolf soon became business partners.

While not a meditator himself, Wolf was intrigued by the challenge of creating a manufacturing process that could bring the puzzle-like bench to life.
Wolf set to work in his fabrication shop, experimenting with prototypes to prove the innovative design could be manufactured accurately and efficiently enough to become a viable product.

Over the next seven years, in addition to their other jobs, Wolf and Mike tested more than 40 prototypes, trying different materials and refining the manufacturing approach.
Now, after hundreds of hours of use in homes, hotel rooms, balconies, beaches, mountainsides, boats, yoga studios, tree houses, and retreat centers, Upon is ready for you.
Our vision is that with your support, our product line will continue to grow and the items you purchase will last a lifetime.